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BER Product Offering

The BER strives to act as our clients’ “virtual” in-house economic department by staying in regular contact with clients through the distribution of data and more in-depth comments on economic developments, quarterly forecasts and our unique business and consumer survey data. An important feature of the service is the in-house economic presentations provided by a specifically allocated BER economist. Clients have a choice between our comprehensive macro service that includes all the research done at the BER and the executive service that is more tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients.

Packages Surveys Forecasts Data Ad Hoc Conferences
Macro Service
This is a comprehensive economic consultancy service. The central focus is to analyze and forecast macro-economic conditions and to convey this information to our clients in a way that makes sense at the micro company/industry level. The forecast is conducted both over the short term (next 18-24 months) and the medium term (next 6 years). The BER has two comprehensive macro-econometric models, a quarterly model for the short-term forecast and an annual model for the medium-term forecast. This information serves as valuable input into organizations’ strategic planning processes. The information is published in research reports and presented in-house at company more
Executive Service
This service provides busy company executives with a comprehensive short-term analysis and forecast of the SA economy. Key areas such as economic growth, interest rates, inflation and exchange rates etc. are covered. These variables have a crucial impact on company performance and profitability. The BER relies on its comprehensive macro-econometric model, its contact with business executives and policy makers and its dedicated research, particularly its quarterly business more