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Feb 2015
Davis warns VAT increases are ‘not off agenda for good’
Source: Business Day

Just because value-added tax (VAT) was not raised in this year’s budget did not mean increases were "off the agenda for good", tax review committee chairman Judge Dennis Davis said on Tuesday.
4 March 2015

SA given months to avoid junk status
Source: Business Day

FINANCE Minister Nhlanhla Nene has three months to prove to rating agencies the government will rein in the public sector wage bill, cut spending and raise taxes to avoid SA’s credit ratings being cut to junk status.
3 March 2015

Rand falls as trade deficit widens
Source: Business Day

A wider than expected January trade deficit saw the rand lose more than 1% on Friday on concerns that the current account of the balance of payments would continue to be under pressure, making SA more vulnerable to capital outflows.
2 March 2015

Drought puts maize harvest in peril
Source: Business Day

SA looks set to harvest its smallest maize crop in eight years because of severe drought conditions in large production areas, which could lead to white maize shortages.
27 February 2015

Nene slaps SA with tax hikes
Source: BusinessReport

South Africa’s twin challenges of stunted economic growth and slowing government revenue pushed Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene yesterday to announce income tax increases for the first time in 20 years, while at the same time pledging to keep a tight rein on spending and wastage.
26 February 2015

FNB Civil

The FNB/BER Civil confidence index rose by 4 points, from 44 to 48 in 2014Q3. Confidence was higher despite a sharp fall in construction work during the quarter. The fall in construction activity also weighed on overall profitability.
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Postponement of the 15Q1 CCI release
We regret to inform you that the release of the FNB/BER consumer confidence index, which was originally scheduled for 31 March 2015, has been delayed until the end of April. Nielsen, who conducts the interviews on behalf of the BER, only informed us at the end of February that they had to cancel that month’s survey “due to a major revenue contributor postponing their work until later in the year”. If Nielsen conducts the March survey, the 15Q1 results will be available towards the end of April. Nielsen’s cancellation of the February interviews will also delay the release of the household inflation expectation results (originally scheduled for 26 March). We are liaising with Nielsen to ensure the timely availability of the 15Q1 results and those for the rest of the year. Going forward, we are considering all possible alternatives to prevent this from happening again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing everything in our power to ensure the timely release of the results. As soon as we receive confirmation from Nielsen, we will provide a new release date for the first quarter results.

George Kershoff, Deputy Director, 3 March 2015
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