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FNB/BER Consumer Confidence Index 2015Q1
Having recovered from a decade low of -8 index points in 2013Q3 to a level of zero in 2014Q4, the FNB/BER consumer confidence index (CCI) slumped...

2015-05-06 276KB 367 Download
Inflation Expectations 2015Q1
The average inflation expectations of analysts, business people and trade union officials for the current year declined from 5.8% to 5.4%. However,...

2015-03-26 108KB 158 Download
E & Y/BER Retail Survey (Q12015)
The latest EY/BER Retail Survey indicates that business confidence among both retailers and wholesalers remained elevated during 2015Q1 on the back...

2015-03-25 334KB 100 Download
FNB Civil Confidence Index 2015Q1
After rising to 59 last quarter, the FNB/BER civil confidence index shed 20 points to register a level of 39 in 1Q2015. Confidence was lower largely...

2015-03-23 177KB 266 Download
FNB Building Confidence Index 2015Q1
The FNB/BER building confidence index fell from 60 to 55 points in 2015Q1. The decline in overall confidence was, in part, due to a sharp fall in...

2015-03-19 105KB 3208 Download
Manufacturing Survey (Q1 2015)
Manufacturing business confidence declined to 30 index points in the first quarter of 2015. Not only was this 12 points below the level recorded in...

2015-03-16 170KB 116 Download
RMB/BER Business Confidence Index 2015Q1
Although the RMB/BER BCI essentially remained flat in the first quarter, it doesn't mean below the surface things have been static. In fact, the...

2015-03-10 176KB 637 Download