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Internship Programme

In its sixth year, the BER economist internship programme (sponsored by Afrifocus Securities, Kagiso Trusts investments and the SA Reserve Bank) provides practical training to appropriately qualified previously disadvantaged individuals so that they are able to function as economists in the private or public sector.

Candidates work alongside BER economists for one year to gain experience in all the aspects of business orientated economic analysis. Since 2006, the BER has trained 15 economists, some of whom are now pursuing careers at SA’s leading financial institutions as well as the National Treasury and central bank.

Views from our young economists

"A great platform from which to launch a career as a private sector economist. The BER internship programme provides learning opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere." - Vafa Anvari

"My internship year at the Bureau was both intense and gratifying. The hard work in that year laid the foundation for my future years. There couldn’t have been a better place to kick start my career in economics; the BER offers the best learning opportunity, with the entire BER family supporting us throughout the year." - Muhammed Paruk

"The BER internship programme is the perfect platform for a young economist to launch his/her career. Not only are your skills honed in a professional environment, but the people there make it a great place to work." - Warren Harris

"The internship programme was an excellent bridge between varsity and the realities of the working world for me. The practical skills learnt helped me to convert my theoretical knowledge into useful, practical knowledge." - Nomvuyo Guma

"The experience and knowledge I obtained at the BER was invaluable. Not only has it provided me with an excellent foundation to build my career on but it has also developed me as a person." - Faaiqa Salie

"A solid bridge between the varsity textbooks and sound economic practice – that’s what the BER internship programme’s been to me. Highly recommended to any young aspiring economist." - Lulama Mboji

"The bureau has offered me a wonderful opportunity through its systematic and defined approach to economic research and application, the internship has established a solid foundation for my career in economics." - Mamello Matikinca

"If you looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself in the practical application of economics, develop yourself, take responsibility for your growth and become involved in high level economic analysis, then consider the BER Economist Internship Programme. It is right up there with the best training programmes in the country." - Nkanyiso Hlongwa

"The BER Internship Programme was the best transition from theoretical economics at university to the practice of macro-economics in industry I could have hoped for. The BER is without doubt an institution of the top rank; I got to learn macro-economic analysis from the best in the business." - Kanyane Matlou

"The programme was the perfect bridge between my theoretical understanding of economics, through my academic studies, and the real world application thereof. It provided me with a solid foundation for my career and gave me an opportunity to interact and learn from some of the SA’s most astute economists. I could not think of a better place to have started my career as an economist and I will forever treasure the opportunity and experience." - Phila Oliphant