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Release Calendar

2015 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Economic Prospects 27-Feb 24-Apr 10-Jul 23-Oct
Business Confidence Index (RMB/BCI) 10-Mar 10-Jun 09-Sep 26-Nov
Consumer Confidence Index (FNB/CCI) 6-May 02-Jul 01-Oct 10-Dec
Building Confidence Index (FNB/BER) 19-Mar 30-Jun 17-Sep 02-Dec
Civil Confidence Index (FNB) 23-Mar 24-Jun 21 Sep 14-Jan 2016
Manufacturing Survey 16-Mar 22-Jun 09-Sep 03-Dec
Retail Survey (Ernst & Young) 25-Mar 23-JunĀ  22-Sep 27-Nov
PMI results report 1st working day of each month (Dec 2014 results on 14 Jan '15)
Trends 1st working day of each month (except January*)
Update 1st week of each month (except January*)
Financial Survey (Ernst & Young)** Please contact Graham Thompson at E&Y for more information
Inflation expectation survey results 26 Mar 25-Jun 23-Sep 10-Dec
Economic Outlook TBC
Databank Subscriber Data Update (Standard Selection) 1st Friday of each month (except January*)

** Results in January will be made available as soon as possible after the BER reopens