This BER data service offers you the following: key monthly, quarterly and annual South African, provincial and international economic data. This hand-selected dataset is emailed to you at the beginning of each month in Excel format, together with a graphic Power Point presentation of the most important economic indicators. The Power Point slides include the BER’s 2-year forecast of key variables such as GDP, inflation and interest rates; it can easily be used for in-house presentations.

NumBERs can be tailored to suit you exactly, building in the data series you specify from the data we have available. Furthermore, the package includes a provincial dataset with all available official provincial data as well as provincial data from our own research.

NumBERs also offers you an African data package, containing the main economic indicators of the ten largest countries in Africa, and that of South Africa’s neighbours. The dataset is supplemented by the IMF’s 6-year forecasts of economic growth and inflation rates for these economies.

The annual cost of the standard package is R26 330.00 (incl. VAT). The package includes a monthly update of data and graphs on South Africa, the provinces, key international economies and two versions a year of the African NumBERs. Additional data may be selected, which will be sent in a tailored package.

Please contact us for more information.

  • Economic growth (Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) – with a two-year forecast
  • GDP composition
  • Investment growth (Gross Domestic Fixed Investment (GDFI)) – with a two-year forecast
  • Growth in investment categories – with a two year forecast
  • Consumption growth (Household Consumption Expenditure (HCE)) – with a two-year forecast
  • RMB/BER Business Confidence Index
  • ABSA/BER Purchasing Managers index
  • Manufacturing production (Statistics South Africa, Stats SA)
  • Retail sales (Stats SA)
  • Buildings completed (Stats SA data)
  • Building Cost Index (BER)
  • Vehicle sales (Naamsa data (Total))
  • FNB/BER Consumer Confidence Index
  • Employment (Quarterly Bulletin (SARB) data)
  • Private sector wages (Quarterly Bulletin (SARB) data)
  • Real growth in disposable income (Quarterly Bulletin (SARB) data)
  • Household debt to disposable income (Quarterly Bulletin (SARB) data)
  • Debt service cost to disposable income (BER calculations)
  • Inflation – with a two-year forecast
  • Exchange rates – with a two-year forecast
  • Short-term interest rates – with a two-year forecast
  • Long-term interest rate – with a two-year forecast
  • Current account balance as % of GDP – with a two-year forecast

Example of the South African data and PowerPoint presentation.

  • Economic growth (GDP Volume Indices – OECD base)
  • Inflation (CPI % change year on year)
  • Policy interest rates
  • Exchange rates (US$ per Pound, Euro and Rand)

Example of the International data and PowerPoint presentation.

  • Economic growth per province (Gross Domestic Product (GDP))
  • GDP composition per province
  • Employment growth per province
  • Consumption growth per province (Household Consumption Expenditure (HCE))
  • Retail Business Confidence per province (BER Survey)
  • Manufacturing Business Confidence per province (BER Survey)
  • Investment growth per province (Gross Domestic Fixed Investment (GDFI))
  • Building Contractor Business Confidence per province (BER Survey)

Example of the Provincial data and PowerPoint presentation.

For the ten largest economies in Africa as well as our neighbouring countries:

  • Economic growth (Real GDP growth) – with IMF forecast
  • Inflation (CPI % change year on year) – with IMF forecast
  • Exchange rate

Example of the African data and PowerPoint presentation.