Forecast Data

Use this application to build a graph and export data from the data sets provided. Enter an optional "Chart title" and select whether or not you want yearly or quarterly data. Select a "category", "sub-category" and "unit" data set from the dropdowns that are already available or that becomes available as you select your data sets. Once you've selected the final "unit" set, click the "Add Data Series to be Graphed" button to add the series data to your graph data series. Repeat the process to add more series data sets. Click "Generate Graph" to generate the graph from the data selected. After the graph has been generated you can click on "Export Graph data to Excel" to export the data used to build the graph to an Excel spreadsheet. At any time, click "Reset Graph Data" to reset all your selections and to start from the beginning.

The data is based on the most recent editions of Economic Prospects and Economic Outlook. Please note: the 2-year ahead forecast is updated every quarter, while the outer years are only updated twice a year in April and October. Macro clients can request updated forecasts for specific variables on an ad hoc basis.

The data contained on this page is restricted to BER clients and is for internal company use only. Please do not distribute the data.